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My roommate bought a pack of 24 rolls of toilet paper yesterday, in addition to the half dozen we already had, and stored all of them in the bathroom. And just let me tell you, there’s something incredibly calming and reassuring about looking next to you while you’re on the toilet and seeing 30 rolls of toilet paper sitting there. You get a feeling like, no matter how bad shit gets in there, you’re always going to make it out okay in the end.


Anonymous asked:

so now that Cry got his little tantrum out, why doesn't the LNC stop streaming and getting money from the "little shits" that pay everyone's bills? if he and you all want to just be a group of friends who play games without the input of viewers, stop streaming all together. i can't even comprehend how entitled the LNC sounds nowadays.





4/10. Thought it was serious for a moment.

3/10. Grammar deduction is happening right now.

I am holding back the fucking urge not to say something about this. Bud, but I’m gonna just say it: Little disappointed by your response here pal.

I know it fucking hurts hearing people talk shit about someone you love, I won’t stand for that shit if it happened to me either. But emotions out of the way, actually think about what the anon has to say.

These are the people that who got you to where you are. They put the money in your pockets. They support and enjoy you all this way, and that’s what made me a little sad when I read the tags, dude:


I get that you’re trying to diffuse the sitch. But was it really necessary to retort like a kid? You’re better than this, man.

It’s sad because this is your fandom. Whether you like it or not, these are people that give everything to support you.

Stay past their bed times? That is fucking huge for people their age. They’re risking it to see you because you’re their fucking idol, man.

Yes. These are the people that will STILL tune in every saturday regardless of how much they unfortunately don’t like the change (and, most will keep quiet about out of respect for you and the crew’s decisions, but preferences are a thing and I’m sorry that’s the truth).

You know why? 

Because you’re their role model.
They look up to you and will support you regardless of your decision.

You have every right to be upset that unfortunately some people are giving you a hard time for something you love so much and bring you happiness.

But you have no right to forget that these are the people that gave you what they could to see their favourite b-ball star and team rise higher.

These people travel through rain and dirt and 3 bus stops exchanging after a train ride to see you every saturday playing a goddamn game so that they can get more people to see your talent.

And now that you’re in the league, you’re turning your ass to them and saying ‘you can leave if you don’t like it’.

Not saying you should be a doormat and cater to the fandom, but that could have at least been dealt with with more respect and professionalism.

1/10 response.

Just sayin.

Absolutely understandable Lunast. Nothing wrong with voicing an actual criticism of that regard.

But the thing is, when someone acts like this, we genuinely DON’T want them around. Not when we were small up-and-comers, and not in our position now. The notion of them being children was said out of their behavior, which yes mine was not the best and as an adult I should be more considerate with my wording, grammar usage (har har grammarnazietc.) and sheer ludicrousness of their statement.

We are not “showing our asses” at them, we are actively calling out the unnecessary drama that has been brought up from pure speculations. Their statement of “play games without the input of viewers” is entirely fine, but the problem is that this ‘input’ they are referring to is completely rumor milled nonsense that has no real truth to it (people being pushed out by others, reasons why people aren’t showing up and the like).

There’s been a lot of assumptions being thrown around. A lot. And I suppose I am also guilty of this I will admit - but the thing is we’re just plainly tired of all these nonsensical bouts of ‘hey let’s try and cause trouble where there is none’. Everyone has a breaking point. I’m honestly surprised we haven’t reached ours just yet.

So yes, it was a childish remark I made. But it was not meant for everyone. It was meant, specifically, for the individual who is obviously viewing this as their own little bit of drama to roll around in and talk amongst their friends with.

I am damn happy people stick around, that they stay up late when they desire to, and do what they can and wish to do. But if someone is to act like that, to honestly act like.. that. Then yes I will honestly say they can go elsewhere.

The viewer base, in my eyes, was not built upon such spite and hate. It was built upon damn amazing individuals with incredible talents, from art, to music, writing, sculpting, video-making and heck even some damn fine cosplayers. Even those without actual talents, the more quiet and reserved types, the ones to shy to really even say hello - I absolutely adore them. I have never wanted, not at any stage of how things have gone, to ever let the quality of that diminish. I will happily take a loss in numbers if it means people who honestly feel as though what the person above stated is true, after everything we’ve all been through, would find better times elsewhere.

But I will apologize here to those who might be offended by that - yes it was childish. Things have been definitely a bit more hectic lately. It was written in a time of ‘I really just want to shut this up already so let me tap into my immature side for a minute’ - not the best idea, but I am just so damn tired of people tearing into the people I’ve come to know as friends, running only off of ideas they have concocted from sheer imagination.

8/10 response (You got good grammar Lunny <3)

Just saiyan.

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